MakeMeeting demo site

This is a demo site to show the usage of MakeMeeting Scheduler module.
You can login using moderator/moderator credentials, and you will be given the permissions to create content types and makemeeting polls to test the module. You have also the right to delete any answer of a makemeeting poll (which is an admin permission). Other users (user, user2, user3) are available, use the same password as their username (e.g.: user/user).

This site is reset everyday.

Movie night

This is an example of a node using makemeeting form. I invited my friends to fill in this form so we could pick a date to watch the Star Wars trilogy :)

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May 2012
Mon. 14Tue. 15Wed. 16
5 participantsBegin at 9pmBegin at 10pmBegin at 9pmBegin at 10pmBegin at 9pmBegin at 10pm
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